Making Money Online – Passive Income Techniques

Making Money Online – Passive Income Techniques

What is Passive Income?

Continuous and regular income obtained after a certain effort (labor) is called passive income. Passive income should not be confused with quick earnings and easy money. Passive income brings you income in direct proportion to the order you establish. Some types of passive income generate income in a very short time, while others start earning you in the long run.
Purpose in Passive Income
In passive income, the goal is to earn money by working as little as possible (making effort when installing the system) even if you are not at work. Since income from a job that takes all your time is labor-intensive, there is no passive type of income (eg dropshipping).
Many large wealthy people are increasing their money by creating passive income sources.
Why Passive Income?
The famous investor Warren Buffet, who holds the title of the second richest man in the world regarding passive income, said:
“If you can’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you’ll have to work until you die.”
Now we can better understand the importance of creating passive income.

What are Passive Income Sources?
Passive Income Sources
We have listed the passive sources of income in the most basic form below.
Physical Resources Physical resources real estate rental income, physical company partnership and investments, etc.
Securities Resources Investments in stocks are meant.
Virtual Resources are the types of income obtained over the Internet.

Physical Resources
The most concrete source of passive income sources is rental income. It is the most profitable passive income type, especially since the rental income is quite high.
You can also become a physical partner to the workplaces around you and invest in them, thereby generating regular income. (see startup companies)
Securities Resources
These are the types of investments made in stocks. Warren Buffet also earned his fortune by investing in stocks and still continues to earn. Buffet said there is no chance in the stock market, there is mathematics and logic. Check out our Stock Market and Stock Investment article.
Important Note: Never make such investments without serious training in this field.
Virtual Resources
In short, we can say making money from the internet. Advertising revenues from your website and youtube, E-commerce, Preparing e-books and selling (in English) on Amazon. To earn money from your users by producing original projects where people can share, e-commerce and discuss. Users to produce content ..
Examples of Passive Income Sources

Physical Passive Income

To obtain RENTAL INCOME by buying and renting investment property, vehicles and business machines.

Income from the Internet
To gain advertising income by opening Youtube channel and producing useful content. You can create a very effective page according to your initial investment. You can even have your videos prepared by experts from freelancer sites for a fee. If you understand from photography, you can subscribe to stock photography sites and sell photos. If you are an expert in the subject, you can sell your training videos.
One of the most important examples

Mobile Application Development
By developing a mobile application, you can make it available to very large audiences. You can earn very serious income by selling in-app products and displaying advertisements in mobile applications. If you want to make a mobile app, you can make it available to a specialist for a fee.

Samples can be further increased. You can add your own passive income sources to the comment section.

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