Transition Formula to Financial Freedom (Wealth)

Transition Formula to Financial Freedom (Wealth)

How to Pass Financial Freedom (Wealth)?

We talked about financial freedom – financial slavery in detail in our previous articles. In short, the fact that you do not have a problem with money and that money is constantly coming from your money resources makes you a financially free individual.
Today, there are four types of money making methods. If we put them in a row as items;

Employee: Individual who works with a monthly salary by entering his expertise and talents in a job
Self-Employed: Those who earn money by applying their expertise and talents in their own business – as one person in a small company.
Business – Company Owner: The owner of the company earning money by employing the specialized workforce in the same field where his expertise and talents are established.
Investor: Those who make money from their investments in different companies and businesses

Although money is the same everywhere, the ways of earning differ in this way. An individual who makes money can be found in all four items at the same time. Generally, 90% of people are in the self-employed and self-employed group as a way of making money today. However, 10% of people are in the company owner or investor area and they receive 90% of the world profit. In the following infographic image, this table is very clearly explained. After reviewing the image, we want you to answer our question below and continue.

Now the question is: Which department are you in?

An employee who is in the first part will earn his living while working because he receives a monthly salary. If it works, it can make money and the amount of money it earns does not change, which is usually the same on a monthly basis. In the second part, if you are in your own business, you will still earn as much as you work. This earnings may be higher than the first part, but the downside of the two parts is the fact that these earnings will stop when you are not at work.
The third and the fourth part of the table was transferred to financial freedom. Even if they are not at work, the system they set up will work and bring a constant profit. If you have a company and a team that works for you, and you have to stop at work, that is, if things go wrong without you, you’re still stuck in the second option. I can explain this to you with a simple example. Consider a doctor. Working in a hospital with salary, he fulfills the requirements of the first substance. This doctor can also open a practice and recruit a private patient, and thereby earn a freelance earning in the second department. But this gain will continue as long as he is at the beginning of the business. If our doctor opens a large clinic (company) and employs other doctors, then he will be a business owner – boss, and even if he is not at work, the company will always bring earnings to him. Our doctor, who is successful in section 3, can also earn money by investing in other businesses (partnering with a company, buying stocks, real estate investments, etc.) and thus, as an investor, he creates permanent sources of income.

Now decide which episode you are in and how you will move to the other episode. Take a note of the following: MONEY DOES NOT NEED TO MAKE MONEY! Today, you can make money with your knowledge and skills in many ways. In these articles, we will explain how you can make free capital. We continue to follow and support.

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